On the left: Andy Lukasik, the Village Manager, kicked-off Thursday's event with an introduction to the code update project and the consultant team.  Presentations on the project and Form-Based Codes followed by Jason King of Dover, Kohl & Partners and Bill Spikowski of Spikowski Planning Associates.  Victor Dover, Founding Principal of Dover, Kohl & Partners, concluded the event with a presentation on how land development codes can lay the groundwork to make places that are more equitable, healthy, economically productive and more inspiring. The presentation emphasized not only the common characteristics but also the unique, place-specific solutions that grow from regional climates and cultures and reinforce local distinctiveness.


On the left: Jason King, Principal at Dover, Kohl & Partners, presented on the 2016 Village of North Palm Beach Citizens’ Master Plan and introduced the concept of a Form-Based Code.  As recommended in the adopted 2016 Master Plan, a Form-Based Code can help ensure that private redevelopment complements public investments and contributes to realizing the vision of the Master Plan.