Review the Draft Code and see how it will differ from existing regulations. These regulations will incorporate: mixed uses, compactness, good design, usable open space, walkable streets, appropriate parking, etc. The code workshop meetings listed below will open with an informational presentation on the updated code and provide an opportunity to peruse the Draft Code elements.

The March 13th Code Workshop Materials covering chapters 20—23 and chapter 29 of the code revisions are available for review at the link below.


The Village of North Palm Beach will be holding a series of Code Update Discussion meetings to discuss the details and ramifications of the Draft Code Update prior to the formal adoption process.

Each meeting will cover a different topic and cover different Sections of the Code.

The March 13th meeting will begin at 6:30 PM at the North Palm Beach Community Center | 1200 Prosperity Farms Rd, North Palm Beach, FL 33408

 Meeting dates and topics are as follows:

1.  JANUARY 15 at 6:30 pm:

Administrative Sections & Landscape Code Sections

a.     Administrative Sections: Sections 1—13 of the proposed code revisions, which include:

i.      New duties for the Village’s Planning Commission:

(1)   Authority of Planning Commission under a new “site plan and appearance review” process

(2)   Planning Commission may grant waivers and special exceptions in certain zoning districts

(3)   Planning Commission to begin serving as the Village’s zoning board of adjustments

ii.     Minor revisions to the Village’s “Appearance Plan” as to architectural styles

iii.    New methods for specify what uses are permitted in certain zoning districts

iv.    Renaming all commercial zoning districts (to become more self-explanatory)

v.     Changes to the current code’s “similar use” procedures

b.     Landscape Sections: Section 29 – a revised landscaping code, replacing the current Northlake Boulevard landscaping rules and becoming effective Village-wide

2.    FEBRUARY 26 at 6:30 pm:

Parcels Facing US 1

a.     Parcels Facing US 1:  Sections 14—19 of the proposed code revisions, which include:

i.      New zoning rules for most larger parcels facing US Highway 1, from the Earman River on the south to Yacht Club Drive on the north

ii.     Consolidating certain commercial zoning districts (eliminating C-1A and CB zones)

iii.    New zoning rules for small lots on the east side of Alternate A1A

3.    MARCH 13 at 6:30 pm:

Special Site Areas:

Twin City Mall Area, Northlake Boulevard, Key Redevelopment Sites such as Camelot Inn, Crystal Cove & IHOP

a.     Special Site Area Sections: Sections 20—23 of the proposed code revisions, which include:

i.      New zoning rules for the former Twin City Mall site

ii.     New zoning rules for “key redevelopment sites,” proposed to include the Camelot Inn, the Crystal Cove business complex, and the IHOP restaurant on the south bank of the Earman River at US Highway 1

iii.    New zoning rules for the north side of Northlake Boulevard from Alternate A1A to US Highway 1 (converting ‘NBOZ’ overlay into its own zoning district)

4.    APRIL 16 at 6:30 pm:

Comprehensive Plan Amendments & Other regulations:

Parking, Building Height, Outdoor seating, nonconforming structures, waivers

a.     Other Regulations: Sections 24—28 of the proposed code revisions, which include minor changes to:

i.      Off-street parking requirements

ii.     Building height regulations

iii.    Outdoor seating regulations

iv.    Rules for nonconforming uses and structures

v.     New process for granting waivers in certain zoning districts

b.     Comprehensive Plan Changes: Sections 30—31 of the code revisions, which include:

i.      Text amendments to the Village’s Comprehensive Plan

5.    MAY 13 at 6:30 pm:

a.     (available for follow-up discussions on anything covered earlier)


6.    JUNE 6 at 6:30 pm:

a.     (available for follow-up discussions on anything covered earlier)

NPB Village Master Plan_Plan.jpg
Northlake Promenade - rendering - 5June2018.jpg
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NPB code, 2018-06-29-7.png
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The Code Update follows the recommendations in the  Citizen’s Village Master Plan adopted in October 2016.